Of the two Galaxies available on Strands of Fate, the Whirlwind Galaxy is perhaps the most interesting. As a parallel timeline to that of our Classic Galaxy, characters can commonly be found in both realms. Where the Whirlwind Galaxy differs from the Classic, is that it is designed as a traditional Roleplaying system to allow players more interaction and development of their characters in a faster paced environment.

When is it?

The Whirlwind Galaxy takes place, with the rest of Strands of Fate, approximately one-hundred (100) years after the events of Vector Prime. The Yuuzaan Vong invasion has been thwarted and the galaxy is now in a state of relative peace with the two well known Superpowers, the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant at and uneasy peace with news and ominous rumblings of a mysterious group threatening to confront the two for Galactic dominance.

The Story (thus far)

After two mysterous force users are found standing by a burning cantina, Nar Shaddaa has errupted into chaos. The reasons behind the cantina's destruction are unknown but now the two force users known as Higomi and Sam have been joined by a ragtag group of followers; a Hutt named Zogga, another force user named named Skyler, a wondering pilot named Ryan, and a Imperial Stormtrooper named Banos. Together they stand for unknown reasons against an assult from an mysterious unidentified and unfamiliar crusier during midday, it's origins and it's now ground based soldiers from a mysterious organization known as the Triumvirate. What will happen as our adventurers find themselves surrounded with the battle against this new foe, with their own friendship unsure and filled with mistrust?


The currently known and active characters are as follows:

Factions and Organizations