A protoype yet powerful weapon found on virtually all Triumvirate vessels. Thor's Hammer is large Mass Driver, or Coilgun, weaponry developed as a last resort weapon in combat scenarios. Due to the nature of the weapon and the sheer force it is capable of applying to the rounds it fires the use of the weapon is restricted by the Triumviri and its use is rarely granted clearance in combat.


Retooled and redesigned from older Gauss, Coilgun and Mass Driver technology; the member states of the Triumvirate sought to develop an "Endgame" weapon to help defend their territorial claims. The result was the prototype MARC weapon, a Magnetic Acceleration Rail Cannon which performed admirably in the required scenarios its designers required. The slow firing rate and ammount of energy required for the sled and slugs to be fired and reset was taxing for the weapon resulting in excessive maintenance for the weapon.

The Triumvirate swiftly redesigned the weapon to develop "Thor's Hammer", a powerful Mass Driver installed in a multitude of Triumvirate military vessels and locations. Utilizing a large number of magnitized coils to propel Ferromagnetic materials through a firing chamber of varying sizes.

In combat, the weapon produces more than enough power to overload a target's shielding and continue on its course. Against a traditional Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer or a MC-90 Heavy Cruiser a round fired from Thor's Hammer will rip through their shielding and continue clear through the decks of the vessel before continuing into the bowels of space.

General Classifications