There are many Factions in the Star Wars universe and here is a list of the ones currently active in the Strands of Fate galaxies.

The New Sith Empire

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The Triumvirate

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New Republic

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New Jedi Order

[[Data Reconstruction in Progress]] The New Jedi Order owe their fouding to the skywalker legacy known as Luke the Order is still as it has always been. Watching the galaxy at large and only intervening if they must. One thing to say is they hold less sway over jedi at large then they once did and as such many "jedi" are interfering where one would not be seen before.

Other Parties

Imperial Remnant

The Imperial Remnant Led by Grand Moff Stris Kesip, the Imperials hold on to what they can while trying to slowly expand themsevles back to their former glory. Plagued by corruption and a weakened military they are but a husk of what they used to be. They are tasked against the New Sith Empire following their near destruction during and after the Battle of Bastion but refuse to join the Triumvirate only fighting alongside the Superpower when it benefits the Imperial cause.

The Trade Federation

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