A staple in the defence of the stars, Destroyers are mid-sized capital ships modified for specific uses by their respective nations.

Imperial Designs

Dominator Interdictor

Dominator Interdictor Destroyer (DID)

  • Length: 1,600 Metres
  • Weapons: 30 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 30 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons, 25 Warhead Launchers, 30 Quad Laser Cannons, 4 SFS PG-X Pulse/Gravity Well Projectors (advanced Pulse Mass/Grav Well Projectors), 5 Tractor Beam Generators
  • Crew: 16,348
  • Cargo: 18,000 Metric Tons
  • Troops: 810 Troops (1 Battalion)
  • Hangar: 2 Squadrons
  • Hull: 2,272 RU
  • Shields: 5,840 SBD
  • Speed: 50 MGLT
  • Hyperdrive: X1

The Dominator Interdictor is an interdictor created by Kuat Drive Yards to compete with Sienar Fleet Systems and their smaller popular Imobilizer 418. The Dominator is based on the spaceframe of an ISD, with obviously modifications made in order to accomodate the large gravity well generators. They've equipped the Dominator with new top of the line advanced pulse/gravity well generators (Hapan Pulse Mass generators were actually a failed Imperial technology, that has since had a second look given to it after the Hapan success), but managed to maintain a reasonable amount of weaponry aboard, and even 2 squadrons of starfighters. They hoped that the larger, more defensible interdictor would catch the eye of the Emperor; they were right.

Republic Designs

Currently in Construction