Caelestis-Class Star Defender
Production information

Triumvirate Fleet Engineers

Product line

Star Defender


Caelestis-Class Star Defender


Star Defender


Not for Sale

Technical specifications

1500 Meters


700 Meters


250 Meters

Maximum acceleration

2750 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

950 KM/H

Hyperdrive rating


Hyperdrive range


Hyperdrive system

Heaven's Drive

Power plant

Apollo's Vigor


Guardian's Light

Sensor systems

TFE Adv. Sensor Package

Navigation system

TFE Adv. Navigation Suite

Main computer

Secure System with Smart AI

  • Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (100)
  • Turbolaser Batteries (50)
  • Ion Cannons (20)
  • Heavy Torpedo Launcher (30)
  • Tractor Beam Projectors (20)
  • Point Defence Lasers (60)
  • MARC-C (3)
  • MARC-S (20)

2000 (Mixed with passengers)

Cargo capacity

36000 Metric Tonnes


Four Years

Communication systems

Infinity Sub-space Communicators

Other systems

Aether Interface Systems, AI Secured Systems



  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • Command Ship
Year introduced

183 ABY


The Triumvirate

The Caelestis-Class Star Defender is a warship design produced by the Triumvirate to serve as part of their fleets and as a versatile defencive capital ship.


The Caelestis-Class was named distinctively from the old-world dialect meaning "Belonging to Heaven" or "Coming from Heaven", and it drew upon the distinctive and classic wedge-shape of earlier warships familiar to Aquilaris under Imperial rule.

The class is often used as a command ship and combines certain elements from Star Dreadnoughts like the Executor-class and earlier Star Destroyers like the Imperial-class.

Offensive and defensive systems

The Caelestis-class is considered one of the most powerful warships in the galaxy and is noted as having unmatched weapon systems and starfighter components. With its sleek outline it presents less of a target to potential enemies while at the same time optimizing its shield protection.

The forward-sloping superstructure also gives excellent vantage points for the Caelestis' main gun batteries, more so than on the Star Destroyers of the previous centuries.

The class has slightly more armament than the older Imperial II-class Star Destroyer although some of the guns were of a similar design to the XX-9 turbolaser batteries of the old Galactic Empire. The Caelestis-Class also possesses an interdiction field, capable of pulling other ships out of Hyperspace.


The class has a ventral hangar where starfighters and shuttles could land and embark from, where varying classes of support craft can be found stored in racks in narrow passages throughout the hanger area. Traffic control centers are located on either side of the main hanger opening and overlooking the area.

The sloping profile allows the Caelestis-Class to be shorter than the Imperial-class while at the same time allow it to carry a decent amount of landing craft and small starships.

Propulsion systems

As with most Star Destroyer variants, a reactor bulb protrusion is visible outside the ventral hull, however it is not known whether this is the ship's primary reactor or a forward secondary one.

Bridge tower

The Caelestis-Class has at least one conference room with an advanced holographic projector table in the center. Its bridge is styled quite differently than other Star Destroyer variants due to alot of the advanced holographic technologies while still maintaining a Star Destroyer feel with slightly shallower crew pits encircled by a command deck where ship commanders can maintain a view of the ship's surroundings out of the panorama windows.

Known Vessels

  • Novus Bellatoris
  • Novus Veredus
  • Lateo Agnitio
  • Lateo Dominatus
  • Forma Animo
  • Forma Confirmio


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